S.O.U.L. Soup Patrol started on 25th September, 2008.  The first three weeks we had to virtually give away our soup to people walking their dogs and watch the beautiful sunsets.  On the 16th October, 2008 we were phoned by the volunteers to say that they had served 33 people.  What a celebration!  Now to day we serve approximately 150 people per week on Thursdays and Sundays.  On Thursday there are two vehicles that go out the station wagon to the homes and the van to about 8 locations.  The meals served a nourishing and wholesome.  We try to create a very homely atmosphere.


S.O.U.L. Care started in February of 2009.  We were given a house from a generous benefactor.  It soon became apparent that we needed to help those women who are pregnant and homeless.  Over the seven years many Mums, babies and children have used the house called St. Pio’s House of Hope and since then we have been given the use of another house called St. Benedict’s House of Hospitality.

We could not exist without the support of our local community sponsors and volunteers.  We thank God for them and these services would not be possible without their valuable contribution.  Please support all of our sponsors  through shopping local.  The soup kitchen requires a lot of preparation and we are open Monday Wednesday and Friday from 11am until 3pm at 23 Keppell Mews Rockingham.  Volunteers work in many different areas admin vegetable garden, soup kitchen to name a few. Please follow link if you are interested in helping our organization.



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A big thank you to Steve, Danae and all the crew from BSW stores Cockburn Kwinana and Rockingham areas.  They collected all sorts of goods in the shops and turned up at the... READ MORE

Nappy Collective

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Every year an amazing group called The Nappy Collective give us nappies of every size.  This is a great help to us and we are very grateful.  Thank you The Nappy Collective and... READ MORE

Babies born

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On Friday 13th at 9.30am a little baby born was born to Beth (not her real name).  A huge congratulations it was such a privilege to be there to witness this event.  Thanks to... READ MORE