We Have Moved!

We now have a new home – check out www.ptc.org.au for everything SOUL, SOUL Soup Patrol and SOUL Care.

S.O.U.L. Soup Patrol is now run by The CREW Rockingham started on 25th September, 2008. The first three weeks we had to virtually give away our soup to people walking their dogs and watch the beautiful sunsets.  On the 16th October, 2008 we were phoned by the volunteers to say that they had served 33 people.  What a celebration!  Now today we serve approximately 80-150 people every Sunday. We go to 6 different stops in the Rockingham area.  The meals served a nourishing and wholesome. We try to create a very homely atmosphere. For more information on the SOUL Soup Patrol then check out www.thecrew.org.au

S.O.U.L. Care is now called Liliah Haven and started in February of 2009. Originally starting with care homes to help women who were pregnant and homeless, due to COVID and a lack of funds for this purpose these homes were eventually closed. We still dream of starting this up again so if funding this is something you can support then please get in touch.

Liliah Haven was established in 2022 in recognising the need from our sister organisation The CREW, for a recovery program that helps women move beyond relief and have the support needed for a residential trauma informed recovery program. Liliah Haven started in June 2022 on a beautiful rural property in Baldivis, for more information check out www.ptc.org.au/liliahhaven. Liliah Haven is a residential life recovery program targetted at women 21 years and older who are suffering from life-controlling issues including depression, anxiety, unresolved trauma and poor mental health. This holistic recovery program aims to support the recovery and healing process as well as educate, equip and empower the women to thrive in future relational and work environments.