Our Amazing Volunteers

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We have around 50 volunteers who go out on the soup run during the month serving hot soup and rolls to our needy clients.  We also have an amazing team of volunteers who work behind the scenes.  We have volunteers who keep the kitchen in order, prepping for the soup run, and doing up care packages for clients that come in.  We also have volunteers who collect fruit and veg from Malibu Fresh for us every morning, volunteers who collect bread from Baker’s Delight twice a week, a gardener, a volunteer who makes gift cards for us that we use, a volunteer who does yard work, a lady who bakes muffins for us every week, and a volunteer coordinator.  Some of these volunteers work 2 – 3 days a week, and are a huge part of our team.  We would be unable to provide the service that we do without every single one of these amazing people.  Thanks so much to our amazing volunteers!

Interested in volunteering with SOUL?  Please visit our Volunteer Vacancies page and register your interest.

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