Vision Boards

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A big thank you to Belinda Beard for once again giving up her time to come and talk to Village Women about Budgeting and Vision Boards.  Belinda has been coming along to the House of Hope for over 5 years and inspiring women with her story and encouraging them to dream big. One of my favorite Bible verses is  Jeremiah 29:11.  It says that God has a plan for each and everyone of us and it is a plan full of hope not despair.  Some of the women had given up hope and had never before thought about what they wanted to achieve and what they wanted their life to look like.  I am sure if they looked back on the Vision Board they created they would find that they had achieved just about everything they had put down.  I find it really beneficial to start the New Year looking at what I want to achieve for the coming year.  On New Years Eve I sat with my daughter Amanda and her friend Meg and we scoured through magazines for words and pictures of inspiration. Visiting women in their homes after they have left the House of Hope quite often you see in pride and place the Vision Board they created while with us.  Have you ever done a Vision Board and if not what would yours look like?