10 Year Anniversary

10 Years ago my twin sister Eileen and myself started S.O.U.L. Soup Patrol. S.O.U.L. stands for Servants of United Love Incorporated.  We are a DGR and run by a Board.  On the 25th September, 2008 S.O.U.L. Soup Patrol began.   We offered soup to anyone walking past as we didn’t know where to go to meet the homeless. We drove around looking for the best place to park the van to hand out soup, filled bread rolls and cup cakes.  Finally on 16th October, 2008 we had a call from the volunteers on that day to say that they had fed 33 people.  This happened to be Eileen’s and my birthday and it was the best birthday present. Today ten years later the organisation has grown considerably.  We are excited to announce that S.O.U.L. will be moving into a business unit within 6 to 8 weeks.  (we will keep you posted for the location and grand opening via our website and Facebook)  The front of the premises will be a charity shop for repurposing furniture and selling bric and brac.  We will also sell baby furniture, clothes and craft.  We will NOT be selling adult and children’s clothing.  The soup run will operate on the same days and preparation will be done at the back part of the building.  The women from the S.O.U.L. Care programme will have an opportunity to help out in the shop and gain work experience for when they go back into the work force.  We will be collecting good baby clothes baby furniture household furniture and preloved furniture suitable to be repurposed, bric and brac and other goods.  We thank the local community, service groups and businesses for all the support we have been given over the 10 years. We send a big thank you to our volunteers you do an amazing job.  Thank you Rockingham for your generosity in helping those in need.  S.O.U.L. Incorporated could not exist without the generosity of our local community and we look forward to the next chapter.