May Donations

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We would like to say thank you to the following people for their generous donations this month.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Women In Business Breakfast By The Beach on Saturday 25th May.  A raffle was held to raise funds for our Village Women programme.  We would like to say a special thank Rhiannon McDonald for organising the event, Rustico Tapas & Wine Bar for hosting the event and thank you to the local small businesses who donated to the Village Women raffle.  We are incredibly grateful.

Thank you to Beverley Margaret School of Dance for donating brand new winter items such as scarves, blankets, beanies, gloves and more for our clients on the soup run.

Thanks to Mums With Prams Fitness for donating baby goods donated by their members.

Thank you to Bert from Tall Poppy Art Farmers & Gallery for helping us with mirrors we are crafting for our Charity Shop.

Lastly, thank you to the following people for donations: Neville Freeman, who donated tins of food & grocery items, an anonymous man who donated dog food, Suzanne Miles who gave a cash donation, and Jayne, who donated pillows, cushions and phone covers to sell in our shop. Apologies if we have missed anyone, but we are incredibly grateful for each and every donation that we receive.