Soup Van

S.O.U.L. Soup Patrol is a voluntary group established to serve food and provide basic necessities and information on the streets of Rockingham to clients who seek them.  S.O.U.L. Inc. is a Non-Profit Organisation who relies on the generosity of people and organisations, enabling us to continue the work that we do.

The Soup Run goes out twice a week on a Thursday and a Sunday to six stops in the Rockingham area. We also do a Home Run to homes in the Rockingham area on a Thursday for those who are unable to get to the Soup Run stops.  We have approximately 50 volunteers who donate their time to the soup run once a month.

Everyone is welcome to come and eat from the van. There is no criteria as to who should be served. Everyone has different needs and S.O.U.L. Soup Patrol’s aim is to make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

Below is the schedule for our soup run:


Thursday & Sunday

Palm Beach Caravan Park 4.50pm

Navy Memorial Car park—Governor Rd 5.10pm

PCYC Skate Park—5.30pm

Anniversary Park 5.45pm

Dixon Rd Caravan Park 6.10pm

Old Mandurah Rd Caravan Park 6.30pm


S.O.U.L. Community Pantry


Our Community Pantry is open for food parcels on Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11 am – 3 pm, and we are located at 23 Keppell Mews, Rockingham.  Clients/families are allowed one parcel per month. Please present Healthcare card to be eligible for a food parcel.  No appointments Necessary.