S.O.U.L. Soup Patrol started on 25th September, 2008. The first three weeks we had to virtually give away our soup to people walking their dogs and watch the beautiful sunsets.  On the 16th October, 2008 we were phoned by the volunteers to say that they had served 33 people.  What a celebration!  Now today we serve approximately 80-150 people every Sunday. We go to 6 different stops in the Rockingham area.  The meals served a nourishing and wholesome. We try to create a very homely atmosphere.

S.O.U.L. Care started in February of 2009. We were given a house from a generous benefactor. It soon became apparent that we needed to help those women who are pregnant and homeless. Over the seven years many Mums, babies and children have used the house called St. Pio’s House of Hope and since then another house called St. Benedict’s House of Hospitality. However, due to COVID and other circumstances beyond our control, we have lost our accommodation. Our heart and vision is still to provide safe and supportive places to house vulnerable and pregnant women. If you are in a position to support this vision or are able to provide us with accommodation or a house, please call us on 9558 9350.

Liliah Haven  is our new womens program that we are starting in April 2022 on a beautiful rural property in Baldivis. Liliah Haven is a residential life recovery program targetted at women 28 years and older who are suffering from life-controlling issues including depression, anxiety, unresolved trauma and poor mental health. This holistic recovery program aims to support the recovery and healing process as well as educate, equip and empower the women to thrive in future relational and work environments.

Liliah Haven Furniture is a team of volunteers that are repurposing beautiful old furniture on a Tuesday out on the property, giving it a new lease of life. All of this furniture will be in the rooms at Liliah Haven, creating a warm, loved feeling for our participants.

SOUL Charity Shop many of you have probably heard about our beautiful charity shop where we sold pieces of furniture that we have upcycled. We made the decision mid 2021 to close down the shop to focus more on helping people and trusting that as we do, people and businesses will continue to support us financially to enable us to continue to help people in need. The furniture team that was doing this is now creating beautiful pieces for the womens life recovery program called Liliah Haven.

WAMA Food Donation

We would like to say a massive thank you to the team at WAMA (Warship Asset Management Agreement Alliance) Rockingham, who have raised funds through their canteen to purchase food for our Community... READ MORE