Malibu Fresh Essentials


Five days a week at 7am in the morning two of our volunteers go to Malibu Fresh and are given amazing amounts of fresh fruit and vegetables and produce close to code.  This is distributed through the Rockingham area and goes a long way to helping those in need.  Well done team Malibu Fresh Essentials.

Baker’s Delight Rockingham

Baker's Delight

Baker’s Delight Rockingham have been giving us bread twice a week for the seven and half years we have been running.  Two volunteers go Wednesday and Saturday and pick up bread and rolls.  The rolls are then filled at the preparation on Thursday and Sunday and taken out on the run.  The bread is distributed on the run.  Baker’s Delight bread doesn’t have preservatives and is the best bread.  Thank you so much we really appreciate your help.

St John of God Retreat Centre

St john of god

St John of God Retreat Centre donates delicious soup for our Thursday soup run every week.  They have donated soup to us for several years.  Thank you to St John of God Retreat Centre.

The Gourmet Butcher


The Gourmet Butcher in Rockingham donates roasting beef to us for our rolls we make up for the soup run every week.  The Gourmet Butcher supply the best, freshest and organic locally prepared meats, from the best suppliers, and pride themselves on dry aging the meat in the chill for up to 3 weeks to maximise the tenderness of the meat before sale.  Thank you Gourmet Butcher.