Village Women is a new initiative of S.O.U.L. Care to create community and education for women on a journey of discovery. The African proverb says so powerfully “that it takes a village to raise a child”. We have changed this proverb to say “It takes a village to support and enrich a family”.

Most women who have come to our programs, often come from circumstances where their village has been destroyed. So each week we will be bringing women alongside to teach and mentor the ladies in ways that a village would have taught. Cooking, sewing, craft, life skills, writing, journal-ling and more.
In some cases women come down to Rockingham and don’t know another soul in the area and this gives them a community to support and come along side of them in their walk of life.

We have held baby showers and Christmas parties.  The program is open to all who would like to join us.